Recipe Dessert Crepe

Recipe Dessert Crepe. Top french-dessert-crepes recipes just for you Explore more recipes. I will be making these again and often." "We used to make.

Blueberry Dessert Crepes Recipe
Blueberry Dessert Crepes Recipe (Mae Terry)

My family often has company over for breakfast or brunch, and these light fruit-topped crepes are our favorite. Cook until edges start to dry and center is set. Crepes are a great choice for a yummy morning breakfast or a sweet after-dinner dessert. "Very good crepes.

Served with whipped butter and fresh fruit.

Fill crepes as desired (such as with butter, sugar, and lemon juice; with butter and jam; with ham, cheese, and eggs; or with spinach and feta) and serve.

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Add biscuit mix and mix well. Mine are almost paper thin and about the size of a large side plate This twist on crepes is tart-sweet with a creamy lemon filling and juicy blackberries. Sprinkle warm crepes with sugar and lemon, or serve with cream or ice cream and fruit.

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