Can Recipe Be Patented

Can Recipe Be Patented. From Wikipedia: Yes, a food product and/ or its recipe can be patented. Gene, With all due respect, your example of the crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an example of what CAN NOT be patented.

And So It's Come To This: The Patented Hamdog - Food Republic
And So It's Come To This: The Patented Hamdog – Food Republic (Lida Beck)

Patenting flavours and ingredients is quite difficult because the distinctiveness is at the molecular level; it can hard distinguishing between one recipe and another. In terms of patentable subject matter, a list of ingredients can fall under the headings of a composition of matter and/or manufacture, and the way the food product is produced can fall under a process. The short answer is yes, you can patent a recipe in the United States by filing a utility patent application with the USPTO.

Although your recipe might seem new, unique and previously unavailable to.

First, you should know that a patent is granted for something novel.

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You can, however, patent a unique recipe for food or a process for making a food. Other types of intellectual property — such as trade secrets, agreements of nondisclosure and non-use, or even patents — can provide various levels of protection. A recipe is a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, in essence it is a mixture of a number of ingredients and a process for preparing them.

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